Antec’s Earthwatts EA500 500W Power Supply Review

Antec’s Earthwatts EA500 500W consistent force block is quite possibly the most well known force supplies around. Either this is on the grounds that Antec has an incredible name in the business (they do) or it’s a strong item (it is). Force supplies don’t need to be loaded with fancy odds and ends to be well known, they simply need to do what they promote, and Antec’s EA500 does exactly that.

With a greatest rating of 34A on the 12v rails you shouldn’t experience any difficulty holding steady capacity to your parts. What’s more, an additional advantage is that its 80+ affirmed which implies it is about as energy proficient as it gets for power supplies.

Antec certainly went “straightforward” on the development of this unit nonetheless. A ton of units from various producers are particular so you can eliminate the additional fittings that you don’t utilize. This isn’t the situation here. You need to have some additional room or be acceptable at concealing zip-tied fittings in light of the fact that there are a great deal of them. It is painted and doesn’t have any extravagant lights, however that is not what you purchase this unit for.

There ought to be a lot of fittings for anybody led driver dimmable shopping in this scope of force units. Two 6pin PCI-E connectors are accessible so you realize you can append in any event one very good quality video card or conceivable a double center and utilize both of these and it is SLI ensured incase that was ever an inquiry. It additionally runs with 4 ordinary SATA connectors for your hard drives in addition to other things.

A lot of individuals have remarked on the quietness of this unit. In any case, there seems, by all accounts, to be little contingents who get a noisy murmuring clamor from the unit. A straightforward RMA trade or utilization of their long term guarantee should deal with this.

The normal surveys around the web give this specific Antec unit a ~79% for five-star rating with a tiny stream down because of unit disappointments and something like that. Something else to note is that it won a “Brilliant Award” by equipment insider facts. I would suggest this unit in the event that you are building a medium end framework.

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