Cheap Car Courier Business for Gran Max L300

Gran Max Cars For Deliveree Customers

How about we become familiar with a couple of essentials to help you as a client begin!

Vehicle Model

The gran max vehicle is the littlest kind of class. Clients consider it a gran max van, some have windows that can be seen all things considered or all parts are secured so individuals can’t see inside the vehicle. The second kind that is famous among specialists who sell building materials is the L300 pickup . This pickup has a great deal of devotees in light of the fact that as a rule there are additionally numerous individuals who send high cupboards or cupboards with this pickup vehicle. Also Deliveree as a modest courierpickups offer costs that can’t be declined by individuals. At that point the remnant of a dying breed is the L300 light truck or all the more generally known as the little box. From the front side, a wide range of vehicles are fundamentally the same as one another. Along these lines, what is your decision of dispatch business for modest Gran Max and L300 vehicles ?

Bisnis Kurir Murah Mobil Gran Max L300 og 1

Cost of Fleet

Type 1 = Gran Max Van

Starting cost of IDR 85,000 IDR

5,000 for each km then for the initial 60 km

IDR 4000 for each km after the initial 60 km

Type 2 = Small Pickup

Starting cost

IDR 95,000 IDR 5,000 for each km then for the initial 60 km

IDR 4000 for every km after the initial 60 km

Type 3 = Small Box

Beginning value IDR 142,500 IDR

5,000 for every km then for the initial 60 km

IDR 4,500 for every km after the initial 60 km

Deliveree Service Area can right now get client products in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Semarang, Malang, Sukabumi, Solo, Yogyakarta, Serang and Malang. Though the conveyance goal from Deliveree is to all focuses on the island of Java and a few pieces of the island of Sumatra. We are certain that numerous entrepreneurs are searching for modest messengers to send merchandise to numerous spots in Java and Sumatra. Deliveree can be the perfect decision for you!

Armada with Varied Capacity

Other than modest dispatch business utilizing gran max and L300 autos , Deliveree likewise gives clients different kinds of different vehicles with shifting limits. At present there are in excess of 50,000 dynamic vehicles working each day. Our armada changes from 150 kg vehicles extending from smaller than expected MPV autos to 18,000 kg wing box tronton vehicles. This vehicle is accessible to pick as indicated by your needs. For more subtleties, coming up next is a rundown of sorts of Deliveree vehicles, complete with limit and size.

Modest Courier Features and Business Services By Deliveree

Administration Package

These well known words All-in will be found on each side of Deliveree’s administrations. That implies you don’t have to try including the administrations you need when requesting L300 a minimal effort gran max and L300 vehicle messenger business . Holding nothing back costs for clients at Deliveree incorporate the driver, the truck itself, fuel, tolls, leaving, protection for robbery, misfortune and harm, POD returns or travel archives, and obviously holding up times up to a specific time limit.