How to Tell If Your Olive Oil Is Real

A great deal has been said about how to test your additional virgin olive oil to ensure it’s the genuine article, yet a portion of the strategies that have been proposed may not generally work. In this article, we’ll attempt to clarify what we feel is the most ideal approach to decide whether it’s olive oil and if it’s truly ‘additional virgin’. We’ll begin with the most un-viable strategy and proceed onward to the best. Before we begin, you should explore what ‘Additional Virgin Olive Oil’ signifies.

The Fridge Method

This present technique’s somewhat of a fantasy. Individuals have gotten blended outcomes in with it and there are various reasons why. The thought here is that unadulterated oleic corrosive freezes at a temperature 39°F and most fridges are set to a temperature of 37°F.

The quick issue here is that oil created from olives can be somewhere in the range of 55% to 83% oleic corrosive. Thus, if your olive oil is 45% of the other unsaturated fats that normally happen in olives, your the point of solidification could be lower. Recollect there are more than 700 olive varietals and they will created various oils with various characteristics.

Also that you might have changed your fridges settings, or your olive oil could be ‘winterized’.

Smoke Test

Many individuals trust you can’t cook at high temperatures with additional virgin olive oil and this is basically false. The issue with a ton of what you can purchase at the market is that it’s been mixed with sunflower oil which just has a smoke purpose of around 225°F or it’s inferior quality and inappropriately named. Along these lines, in case you’re seeing smoke at a low temperature, this is likely why.

It is anything but a definite fire test, however. Genuine additional virgin olive oil can have a smoke point as low as 330°F and as high as 410°F, contingent upon its quality. That is a huge reach and if the olive oil has been mixed with something like refined canola oil, the smoke test won’t recognize it as being phony.

Dim Bottles

Light reduces quality and most makers who care about creation top notch additional virgin olive oil, don’t have any desire to pivot and allow it to debase while it sits away. Along these lines, this can be useful. Lamentably, you can place anything in a dull jug, so it’s a decent sign, however won’t reveal to you anything without a doubt.

The Burn Test

This test is somewhat in a way that is better than the refrigerator test or checking for a dim container since you won’t get a bogus positive. Additional venta de aceite de oliva ought to have the option to keep an oil light consuming. In the event that you attempt this and it doesn’t remain lit, you unquestionably don’t have the genuine article. That is pretty much everything you can say, however. A great deal of oils consume, so keeping a wick lit doesn’t disclose to you that you certainly have genuine oil, by the same token.


We’d put this in a bind with the consume test. In the event that the additional virgin olive oil you’re purchasing is under $15/liter, it’s far-fetched that it’s genuine.


On the off chance that you taste a ton of olive oils, this could be a decent marker for you. The varietals all have various flavors, however on the off chance that you have a top pick and know it’s characteristics this should work well for you. By and large, the genuine article gets done with some sharpness. It’s a consequence of elevated levels of polyphenols and a decent sign that at any rate, your oil shows some feeling wellbeing.


Silt is a very decent sign. It implies the olive oil has not had a ton of preparing. It is anything but a definite fire test, however to the extent pointers go, it’s pretty uncommon to see it, and typically implies you’re progressing nicely.

Reap Date

On the off chance that you can discover a gather date on the mark, you’re likewise destined for success. At the present time, the main individuals who do this will in general be the makers that do everything by hand. Could this all change one year from now? Indeed, yet for the time being it’s a decent sign.


In our psyches, one of the better signs that your olive oil is genuine is to get one that is done well in International rivalries. The oils go through a ton of examination and in the event that it tastes right to the appointed authorities it’s a decent sign it’s genuine.

California Olive Oil Council Certification

We ought to presumably grow this to incorporate other state confirmations, yet what we realize best is the California affirmation. It’s probably the strictest affirmation and is an excellent sign that the oil is genuine. To acquire the seal, the oil must have a free sharpness underneath 0.5 grams per 100 which is much harder than the global norm of 0.8 grams per 100 and the makers need to present their items for compound testing each year.

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